Swiftwick Performance One White

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Swiftwick's everyday go-to running and cycling sock. Great place to get the full Swiftwick experience. 

  • Swiftwick Performance running socks are knitted at 200 needles, the highest density you'll find in any running sock on the market today. The benefits of this include a second-skin feel and a softer, denser, and more durable sock.
  • Extra compression (21.1 mmHG) promotes blood flow which increases your performance by reducing foot and leg fatigue.
  • Heavy use of the high performance fiber, Olefin, which moves moisture like a champ and has a very low friction coefficient.


Small - Men's 3-5.5 Women's 5-7.5

Medium - Men's 6-9.5 Women's 8-9.5

Large - Men's 10-12 Women's 10-12