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Lafco Candles Fireside Oak 6.5 oz

Lafco Candles Fireside Oak 6.5 oz

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 Fragrance Description:
The comforting aroma of a festive fireside gathering is created by blending aromatic oakwood and smoked vetiver with rich golden amber and creamy sandalwood. A warm, inviting scent for a cozy ambiance.
Fragrance Family: Woody
Key Fragrance Notes: Oakwood, Vetiver, Golden Amber
About this Candle:
Crafted with natural essential oil-based fragrances, LAFCO New York's Classic Candle is richly optimized to burn for up to 50 hours. The clean-burning soy wax blend is formulated to evenly distribute the fragrance throughout your room or space. The handblown glass vessel is artisanally crafted and can be re-purposed to live on long after the candle is finished.

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