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Men's Saola Cannon Knit M 2.0 Dune

Men's Saola Cannon Knit M 2.0 Dune

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100% vegan, made from recycled, bio-sourced, and organic materials.
Cushioned midsole feels like a shock absorber for your feet.
Thick outsole design is stable and durable, while still being lightweight and flexible.
Removable insoles mold to your feet or allow you to replace with your own.

Upper: Canvas made with 100% recycled plastic
Lining: 100% recycled PET
Insole: 85% Recycled PU, 15% PU + 100% recycled Cork topsheet
Midsole: 35% Recycled EVA, 65% EVA
Outsole: 39% natural rubber, 56% synthetic rubber & 5% cork
Laces: 100% Organic cotton
Weight: 7 oz per shoe

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